Grassroots Football Scouting

Grassroots football scouting is popular and it’s easy to see why: the vibrant world of grassroots football involves an ever-growing number of teams, passionate players and an amazing community feel. Grassroots football aims to develop players at a local level and many players on amateur teams go on to have careers in the sport they love. Without grassroots scouting, many of them would never get that opportunity. 

Are you involved in grassroots football scouting, or are you looking for a scout? Perhaps you’re a grassroots footballer hoping to find a job in this field? We can help you get your break or set your organisation up with the perfect scout. Our directory is the only resource you need to find work and engage with the world of grassroots football. The Scouting Directory is:

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Reliable – all scouts are fully verified
  • A top football industry resource for scouts, clubs, managers and players

Find a scout, register as a scout or explore jobs. If you have a question, please just get in touch.  

Calling All Grassroots Football Scouts


Are you an experienced scout involved in grassroots football? We can help you find your next job. Our directory is the perfect place for scouts to get scouted – by registering and creating a profile, you can display:

  • A logo
  • Contact details
  • “About us” section
  • Expertise categories
  • Previous examples of work
  • Promo video
  • Image gallery
  • Covered areas map
  • Address and direction map

Your profile will be fully searchable by clubs, managers, academies and anybody else interested in your grassroots football scouting experience.

Are You Looking for a Football Scout?


If you are a football academy, organisation or football manager looking for a scout to work at grassroots level, we can help you find the right person for the role. Post a scouting job or find a scout by browsing our directory of talented people. You can see all the talented grassroots scouts in your area, with the skills you are looking for. The Scouting Directory is the perfect resource to put you in touch with your next scout.


Why Choose The Scouting Directory for Grassroots Football Scouting?


The Scouting Directory is an online tool created to connect scouts from all over the world. Everything about our platform is simple to use and you can easily filter searches to browse by the criteria that suits you. Our directory is the place to be seen for professional scouts and is a critical resource for all football professionals.

The Scouting Directory is used by:

  • Scouts
  • Clubs
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Players
  • Agents
  • The press

All scouts listed are 100% genuine and will be fully verified; details are checked by professionals and scouts will need to submit references in order to register. This maintains the integrity of our directory.

Find a scout, register as a scout or explore jobs listed on our website. We are the ideal resource for grassroots football scouting. If you have a question about our platform or services, please just get in touch.


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