Code of Conduct

The function of a Scout is to identify to his Club, players with whom they may wish to enter into negotiations with a view to securing their registration. Scouts are not themselves entitled to enter into any such negotiations nor are they able to make promises to or offer inducements to any players whom they approach.

Scouts are employed by and represent their Clubs and are Officials within the meaning of the Rules of the F.A Premier League (“the Rules”) by which they are bound.

Scouts must, therefore, be familiar with the Rules and in particular Section N relating to Youth Development. They must maintain an awareness of and at all times comply with the rules set out the circumstances in which their Club may make an approach to a Player or Student (as defined in the Rules) whose registration is held by another Club.

When acting in the course of his duties a Scout shall at all times carry the formal means of identification issued to him by his Club and shall produce the same upon demand.

Scouts are responsible for the conduct of their contacts and shall be liable for any act by a contact which constitutes a breach of the rules.

Scouts shall conduct themselves in a manner befitting their role as Officials of their Clubs and shall take all possible steps to promote the reputation of the game of association football and to prevent it being brought into disrepute.

A Scout shall forthwith disclose to his Club the nature and extent of any direct or indirect interest he may have in any transaction or arrangement involving his Club and he shall account to his Club for any benefit which either directly or indirectly he derives therefrom.

A Scout shall conduct himself at all times in an ethical and professional manner and shall observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing.

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