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For more information about how to get started with The Scouting Directory, please visit our how The Scouting Directory works page. For specific questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, and for everything else, please contact us directly.



The Scouting Directory was created as an online tool to link Scouts from all over the world. For the first time, you can now find a specific Scout, in a specific location, within a few seconds.

All Scouts on The Scouting Directory are 100% genuine and have had their details verified by professional Scouts and references currently working in the Pro Football industry. This ensures the integrity of the platform.

The Scouting Directory also serves as a job board for Clubs, Managers and Coaches who wish to advertise their latest openings. These jobs are highly customisable and are broadcasted to the best-suited Scouts featured on The Scouting Directory. Only verified scouts can apply to these jobs.


On top of this, The Scouting Directory also offers a range of industry specific courses to those looking to further their development within the Scouting industry. Please visit our Courses page to view our current range of courses. To advertise a course, please contact The Scouting Directory directly.

The Scouting Directory is a great tool for Scouts to advertise their services. With a fully customisable profile page; which includes an image and video gallery, about section, previous experience section, working hours, an area covered map and visible contact details, scouts can highlight their skills and services and attract potential job opportunities.

The Scouting Directory is used by:-
• Scouts
• Clubs
• Managers
• Coaches
• Players
• Agents
• TV / Newspapers / Websites



There are a couple of ways to find a particular Scout. You can search Scouts by Federation/Governing Body (i.e UEFA) or by location/region. Once you have found your Scout, you can contact the Scout directly to learn more about how the Scout works, explain the work you require completing, and negotiate the price for the work – IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

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